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High Heels Collection – When I pick her up originally was going to take her to a regular place. But Reagan surprise me I didn’t know she dress it so good and classy what I was supposed to do?

Simple take her to a fine place after all I had great days with her and she deserved it.

After some wine, pleasant conversation and exquisite food we went to her home. During the conversation we reveal a lot of ourselves. Reagan was eager to know what I find sexy beside feet that drives me about woman.

I told her beside feet what I like most about a woman is their high heels. High heels reveal a lot about the girl you are knowing her. Heels can tell you if a woman is classy, trashy or simple but must of all heels can turn me on in ways that are superhuman.

When I see the woman collection of high heels is a critical moment because if I don’t like her taste of heels the relationship is over. But if I like what I see the I just going to take her in primal and rough ways and make her mine.

So Reagan confident as she is show me her collection knowing that after that she was going to be the happiest girl alive … back to home