Mistress Raven Rae Socks Tease – When Mistress Raven Rae finish my humiliation and showed me some humility she left me emptiness.

I didn’t feel like me afterwards I was astonished of her big impact on me.

Then on the last day of Fetcon I receive a late call from her she was needing my new slave services so with the hope of receiving a footjob from her I rush to her place.

What I found was her with socialite night pajamas robes and black socks. I ask her what about the black socks and she told me she was feeling cold, and their toes and soles are sweating on those socks and wanted a man to feel her warm and sweating soles. Needless to say the socks odor were intoxicated too.

I found that as an opportunity to record with her with those mature pajamas clothes on. I always dreamed of sleeping with a woman with those milf robes and I was not going to miss that chance. … back to home