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Foot Slave Humiliation – It has been some days I haven’t know what Helena Price is up to. Before my flight home I text her to see her one last time.

I invited her to go out and her reply was no, then I ask her why and she told me that was not in the mood to go out. She was in the mood of domination.

Domination? She told me that she fired her slave and wants to dominate someone knew. I told her what she is suggesting?

She says I want you to play like a slave with me. I want to feel today like a Mistress today.

I told her I’m not fond of being a slave, that I wanted to do something cute and nice. Her response was being a slave is something cute and nice.

It was a fuck up position because I really wanted hard to see her and was making everything very difficult to me.

So I ask her this is going to be a game like the footjob red toes scene before and she told me this is a game that if you play it out good you will feel awesome afterwards. … back to home