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Agatha Delicious Dangling & Heels – My commitment with this studio and our fans is so big that I started flighting to record with models with the best feet and models that almost don’t have footjob clips and Agatha is not exemption.

I went to Sin City to hear some bands and I knew a beautiful girl named Agatha Delicious or his other name Syren Delicious. I saw some vague foot fetish clips of her and was promising.

It came to my mind what if???

I record some videos with her and have that big and sexy feet on person. I contact her and meet her at her apartment.

When I meet her, she was working on her computer and saw this awesome opportunity to record her as she was working. You know take my time to sigh her long and soft legs. Take my time to inspect every part of her body in close. … back to home